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Espada’s tower crane rental service comprehensively meets all the needs of customers on the construction site.

Telescopic masts available in various dimensions. Discover the consistently flawless quality that has become synonymous with Espada.

We understand the importance of plywood in the construction sector, and we are delighted to offer you the most reliable and efficient solutions. By using plywood in your construction project, you can accelerate your work, enhance safety, and optimize costs.

We prioritize the management and maintenance of spare parts tailored to your needs to ensure the longevity of your equipment.

As an expert team in tower crane technical service, we are here to ensure the uninterrupted progress of your construction projects.


Telescopic Mast

Telescopic masts available in various dimensions. Discover the timeless flawless quality that has become synonymous with Espada.


The most preferred of the EMT series. Experience outstanding quality with a 55-meter horizontal scanning area.

Tower Crane Rental

Espada’s tower crane rental service comprehensively meets all the needs of customers on the construction site.


This model from Elmak, with a 60-meter horizontal scanning area, continues to set the standards of quality with its powerful components.


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For years, we have been the industry leader with a commitment to creativity, reliability, originality, and quality, aiming to build the strongest bridge between our target organizations and their projects. Our content marketing strategies crafted for your brand and company facilitate the establishment of sustainable connections with your target audience and customers. Perhaps the sole reason for our success lies here, as we understand that the more you love what you do, the more you strive to improve and excel in that field. Everyone joining our family is passionate about their work, putting in effort to develop in their respective areas.

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Espada is a company that has established its leadership in the industry through professionalism, reliability, and a commitment to continuous improvement. Over the years, it has become a respected player in the industry with the services it provides to its customers. Espada, with its experienced and dynamic team, always takes a pioneering role by closely following the changing demands of the market. From past to present, it has contributed to many significant projects both domestically and internationally, drawing attention with its quality and innovative approach. Espada maintains a stable growth trajectory with continually expanding partnerships, always preserving its prestige and quality while providing solutions tailored to customer needs.

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Discover the world of unlimited possibilities and superior technologies of Elmak, a pioneer in high production quality, durability, and high performance!

Flawless Technology

Elmak, making the tower crane usage experience more enjoyable, has been equipped with the latest technologies.

Striking Design

Elmak stands out with its modern style and a design that leaves a dazzling impression.

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For 15 years, we have been providing trust to your construction site with a systematic and institutionalized approach!



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